Meet Aspen of Kuration Collection!

Yes yes wow yes wow. Okay so after scrolling through nearly every item Aspen has ever pulled into her shop I was STrruuuuCKK. The way she carefully combines super pop-classic items with that kind of 90s comfort/hiking athletic wear is so freaking satisfying. That is the most poorly formed sentence but it’s true. Stalk her Instagram and you’ll know what I mean. Another *must mention* about Aspen is that she is a top seller on Depop meaning she works her you know what off.  You can tell from her shop how much care she puts into everything she does. Curating, photographing, modeling, listing, posting, packing shipping photographing again... Let me tell you running a vintage shop is no joke!!!! Anywaaayys so happy to have Aspen as a featured curator! Click the link below to shop! 

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( Thanks for allowing my partial rant about the work that goes into vintage selling lol) 

Where are you from? Anchorage, Alaska!

How did you get into vintage?
My first experience with “cool old things” was when I was very young and my mom would shop at antique stores. I would buy old Archie comics for 50 cents. My first real experience with vintage clothing was much later on in high school. I would spend hours every week looking at vintage clothing on eBay and bidding on items that I would never win.

Are there any vintage pieces that you will never let go of? I rotate a lot of my wardrobe but there are definitely a few pieces I don’t see myself ever parting with. My favorite vintage Disney jeans, some of my rare Mickey Mouse t-shirts, and definitely my Cyndi Lauper tour tee.

How would you describe your style? I consider myself a style chameleon. I don’t like to be put into a box with fashion because I enjoy so many different looks. My every day look is pretty simple, I love denim and colorful vintage tees.Any vintage shops or fashion accounts that inspire you that you would like to share? There are so many! Some of my favorite vintage/fashion accounts are @owlephantvtg @themetalromantic and @aaricanichole