How we each style our bedroom: Liv’s Room!

Howdy & happy Tuesday! We thought it would be fun to showcase the same room in each of our homes to showcase how our style varies from one another. One of the best things about working together is that we both bring our individual taste & style eye to the table! We are constantly inspired by one another and play off of each other’s strengths. Visit the blog’s landing page to check out Millers room. 

Miller’s favorite part of Liv’s style: “Um... Liv’s room is maybe my favorite room in her house, which is hilarious cause I never have a reason to go in there. The blue and orange toned gallery above her bed is original and creative. I honestly felt inspired when I saw it. I also love how she paired the clean lines of her nightstands with the funky wave of the lamps... I feel like that pairing is representative of her style in general—clean and simple with some unexpected funk thrown in there. Magic.”

Well, where to start... This room is teeny tiny and traps dust like an old cellar but I love it! My husband and I have been remodeling our first home for a little over a year and have yet to up-fit the master bedroom, so we currently sleep in the spare. I’ve drug this bed around to every single wall trying to maximize style and space, thankfully I have landed on my favorite layout thus far. Anyone else have oddly placed windows in their bed room? It’s a real pain in the rear end isn’t it? At this point I have just surrendered to the awkwardness and use the window and the gallery wall to frame out our bed and side tables. 

Our side tables are vintage Lane that I purchased at the Habitat Restore. We have the matching dresser too! I love that 80’s lacquered furniture is making a comeback. It’s fun to pair some more glamorous silhouettes with 60’s and 70’s accessories. Our chenille bedspread is a thrift find as well as all of the artwork. 

The only piece of artwork not found thrift is our little custom cross stitch that my sister in law made me as a wedding gift! Otherwise I either found the prints as they were or I bought the wooden frames and replaced the print with something I found in an old art book. (Best thrift hack I know so, you’re welcome)

Fun fact: we haven’t painted the trim properly, cleaned off the over spray from our first round of paint off the windows NOR have we re-attached the closet doors in this room. You can see where my priorities We will make it happen someday, I HOPE.

And when it comes to priorities, displaying skincare fashionably is really high on my list.